Life can get away from us and slip out the back door when we are not paying attention.

You discover that your life has been sculpted by the ideas of other people, creating a life that doesn’t feel to be quite the right fit for you.

Does your life feel like you are trying to catch fish with your bare hands? The stream looks clear, and you can see the fish swim by, but when you reach to grasp a fish, it is slippery, and carefully evades your grasp. The fish swims right by you.

That is how life can feel. You are so certain that you want to catch that fish, to have that particular life, and hold it in your hands. But you just can’t quite get what you want before it slips out of your hands.

In truth, life isn’t slipping from your hands — it’s slipping from your focused, well-intended consciousness. The life you want to live is most often railroaded by the daily grind, as well as by your fears.

“The big question is whether you are going to say a hearty yes to your adventure.” — Joseph Campbell

The picture you see above was captured by me. It hangs from the grape stake fence of my neighbor. The house resembles a Scottish medieval castle, complete with a tower and rock walls, perched upon a hill. The small white tile hangs at eye level. If I would have been looking down, I would have missed it. I believe in synchronicities and that we receive messages exactly when we need them.

The coronavirus has stolen lives on a grand scale, both literally and figuratively. My job is to help people find their purpose, to redirect them, to point out what is happening within their energy field and to figure out what they are creating and why. Then we reset and refocus their state of mind. Our state of mind is intimately linked with our feelings. This is the key to saying YES to your adventure.

What Do You Want?

When I counsel people on a daily basis, it is my practice to ask someone out of the blue as they stumble through their tired, worn out frustration with life, and are completely engaged in reciting their litany of life frustrations, “What do you want?” I purposely interrupt them to make a very powerful point.

When you are engaged in talking about what you don’t want, you continue to create more of what you don’t want. You release chemicals into your body based on these feelings of “not having.” You have become so conditioned to complaining about your life that it feels comfortably uncomfortable to do so. It even starts to feel good to you, in an emotionally convoluted way. This is similar to having a relationship with your partner in which you both despise each other. You stay together because you are both too lazy to make a change within yourselves. You use a number of excuses, such as you don’t want to be alone. The truth is, however, you are comfortably uncomfortable.

Before you get close to that scenario, let’s examine the five simple steps that will guide you to say YES to your adventure called life!

I’ll Ask Again — What Do You Want?

When I ask this question, the human brain kicks in and my client automatically tells me what they don’t want.

“I asked you what you want,” I reply back to them. “You just told me what you don’t want.”

So, I ask you, dear reader, what do you want?

After a slight pause, the light bulb in your brain turns on. Your brain quickly shifts gears, and you then begin describing the life you want with ease. There is a lot of fumbling in the beginning. I specifically ask you to pay attention to the feelings behind it. You may find yourself feeling torn between your old habits and beliefs, and you might start crossing over into thinking or talking about what you don’t want. This is completely normal. Your brain is working to break your old habit.

At this moment, say YES to your adventure. The brain is rewiring itself. Neurons that wire together fire together, creating new, better, improved habits if you direct them to do so. Your power lies where you place your thoughts.

State of Mind is Everything

The actual physical manifestation of life should not be your focus, because physical reality is simply an effect, an experience. Instead, focus on the cause: Your Mind.

Your mental state creates a feeling. By directing your thoughts, mental images and feelings, your mind then effortlessly actualizes your world and the events that you experience. The “Law,” as it is called, must have these two elements: feeling and state of mind. Both are energies that vibrate together. Once a desirable state of feeling and mind is established, desirable effects follow without any effort by you.

The more you experience a feeling and establish your mental state, the more powerful it becomes. You must possess the fire of desire. A secret of the wise used throughout antiquity was the secret of alchemy — that the energy behind any emotion can be used to create anything you desire.

**You may visualize or affirm, but you must know that neither of these are a state of mind and feeling — they only assist in creating a state of mind and feeling. Know the difference.**

Write It Down

Writing down an intention cements it into the physical world. Through the conscious and subconscious minds, the unseen world, your desires, your thoughts and your feelings are all brought into this physical reality through the act of writing something down. Write it as a factual statement — as if it is already done. The feeling and energy behind this act tells your brain, “this is real,” and your subconscious mind accepts it as so.

If you want health, write something like, “I am so grateful for my perfect, vibrant, radiant health.”

If you want wealth, write something like, “I am so grateful that my minimum monthly income is $25,000 and increasing every month.”

If you want love, write, “I am so grateful for my committed, monogamous, loving relationship with my partner.”

Mold these examples to make them yours.

Continue to Cultivate

To cultivate is to nurture something — such as a garden. A garden needs attention. It must be watered, its soil must be nourished, it needs a bit of sunshine, it needs weeded and tilled. Insects must be mitigated, and your garden must be protected from critters who love to dig.

You are cultivating your YES and continuing to say a hearty YES to your adventure!

In the above garden scenario:

  • Insects represent the pesky thoughts that try to torment you. Bat them away and, instead, cultivate thoughts that support your YES! This is why we write down what we want.
  • Water represents your emotions. You must cultivate the feeling and emotion of the YES!
  • Sunshine is magic! Without it, life on earth as we know it wouldn’t exist. This happens through cultivating the state of mind akin to having your desire.
  • Weeds represent the old, negative habits that are being replaced by new habits. They are formed by cultivating what you want and recognizing that you can have what you want and need. Weeds (negative habits) will try to take over the garden of your mind, and they will, if you do not keep up with constant, diligent weeding.
  • Cultivate the habit of recognizing that you don’t fix reality — you fix your mind. Focusing on the outer world only reinforces more of what you do not want. When you find yourself spiraling downward, stop. Take care of your mind immediately. Tell your brain what to see and make it real. If you understand the brain, your mind, and your feelings, then you know that you can bend reality by changing your vibrational state of mind and feelings.

Be Persistent

The Universe loves a persistent heart.

You don’t have to believe this, because belief has nothing to do with it. It is a fact. The moment that you choose to change your life, to stop thinking about what you don’t want and begin to think about what you do want, the energy around you will hear you say YES to your adventure and will echo a resounding YES back to you.

Use this checklist to help you to understand where you currently are:

You are not manifesting YES when:

  • You are needy, desperate or sad
  • You are pushing, forcing, or fighting
  • You are using manipulative tactics through words and actions.
  • You are pining for someone else’s attention or affections
  • You are anxious or fearful that what you want won’t manifest
  • Your actions, thoughts and feelings occur as a result of fear
  • You are emotionally reactive (this is a clear indication you are not in the YES state)
  • You let your outer reality and what other people do dictate your feelings

You are manifesting YES when:

  • You possess a feeling of peace and serenity
  • You trust the process and live in a state of trust that all is well
  • You feel happy inside knowing that your YES is yours
  • You feel light, and full of life and love
  • You are motivated to attend to your goals
  • Your actions and attitude are cultivated in a place of trust
  • You KNOW that what you think about and feel creates your state of mind
  • You are proactively cultivating the right state of mind, tending to the garden of your mind
  • You wear a natural smile on your face
  • You move through life taking care of yourself and feeling love for others

You simply need to walk through the doors that are opened for you — and, be assured, doors will open. They may be carved out of concrete walls, but they will open and will continue to open if you cultivate your heart and mind to your YES! Stay connected to your heart and to your mind.

Lastly, make it a habit to ask yourself this question: Do I want this to be true? If not, change your thoughts. It is that simple.

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