You know where you want to get. You know who you want to be. You embody the feeling of it. You see it in your mind’s eye. Yet, you struggle. Your body tightens. Your breathing changes. Doubt and fear creep into your mind. You fight the feelings of, “This will never happen. I can’t have this. This is futile!”
You must recognize your struggle and find its root. When you feel yourself struggling, drop the struggle. Then, start over again. Letting go is exactly what you must do. You job is to simply think, feel, vibrate and take action with the intention and feeling that you are that which you say you are. Claim that intention and feeling! When you absolutely know what you know and focus with determination and unwavering faith, the universe and the energy all around responds.
“‘You do not fight against your problem; your problem will only live as long as you are conscious of it. Take your attention away from your problem and the multitude of reasons why you cannot achieve your ideal. Concentrate your attention entirely upon the thing desired.” – Neville Goddard.
Many people believe that when you get where you want to be, you will be happy. If that’s what you believe, however, you won’t get there. You must be happy now in order to get there. You must drop your anger and all of the things that keep you from having what you want and being who you want to be.
Why? Because who you want to be will not, and cannot, open the door as long as you are dragging the U-Haul filled with your negative feelings and beliefs with you. The you who you want to be says, “Wait –what is that dumpster fire burning behind you? Is that a load of trash?!” It slams the door because it cannot let in that vibration and still remain in the state of the dream.
Do you see? It’s all about vibration. Science tells us that. Energy is never still–it is always in motion. You are energy. You are made up of the substance of all that is. Your chemistry and consciousness is what makes you a human being. In an interview with the brilliant scientist Christof Koch, who worked under Francis Crick studying the brain and consciousness and who published many pioneering articles with him, Koch tells us that, “If you look at a piece of dog brain or mouse brain and compare that to a piece of human brain the same size, only an expert with a microscope can tell for sure that this is a dog brain or human brain. You really have to be an expert neuroanatomist.”

Not So Different After All

Our brains contain a hundred billion neurons. A bee’s brain contains one million neurons. The difference is chemistry and consciousness. Bees are made up of and have the same elements that we do. They are just put together differently and then called “bees” by humans. Koch tells us that bees have all the complicated components that we have in our brains, just in a smaller package.
if you begin to formulate an in-depth understanding of frequency and energy, you will see that the universe is connected to everything else. There is only one power– consciousness. And this is why the mystics say that God is one. All is one. It’s simply manifests itself in many different forms. It in unlimited and it is all and nothing. Just meditating on consciousness will show you that it is all and nothing. It is beyond words and concepts. We think that we’re different from others, but we’re not so different after all. We’re just energy expressing ourselves in different ways, but we’re all made of the same stuff. When we realize this, we see how silly it is to think you are better than another.
Just because you think different thoughts and have different ideas does not make you any different than anybody else. We are all energy and vibration. You simply know how to manifest and express yourself at a different level of vibration. There is no good or bad energy–it’s all just energy and vibration. What we impress upon it makes it appear good or bad.

How We Change Through Faith and Feeling

To know what you are made up of and how it all works can be very illuminating and helpful. If you know how to direct your mind, feelings and energy, you can level up very quickly. The necessary components are faith and feeling. These two components, held unwaveringly, become knowing. When you know what you know, it will manifest.
If you have read my blog post on neuroplasticity, you already know that you can change your mind to change your life. In understanding your brain and neural networks, you must also understand how you change through faith and feeling. Refresh your memory about gut feelings by taking a look at that blog post. Think about the gut feelings that you have had. When you have a gut feeling, it means that you have an intuitive instinct about something – you just know.
Your brain can be trained to change. If you really desire change, you will change. If you have read my blog post on creating reality using the five brain wave states, you know that you can use your understanding of the brain, nervous system, and consciousness to create and change your own reality.

How to Change Your Vibrational Energy

In changing your vibrational energy, you will change your frequency. When you change your frequency, you align with the reality that you visualize within.
It has taken me years to learn the practice of creating reality. Knowing what this practice is and applying it are two different things. I can sit with anyone and show them how to change their reality, if they will only understand the simple basis of the work: you must change yourself, your mind, thoughts, emotions and reactions and actions. It’s all about you.
Your body is radiating energy. Your form is a mass of energy operating in a very high speed of vibration. You are pure energy, and your energy sends messages to the energy field. Your energy attracts and pulls to you the very thing that you are. You are vibrating at such a high frequency and moving so fast that you appear to be still. However, nothing about you is still. Remember, things are never as they appear to be.

There are levels of vibration.

These levels of vibration create states of being. For example, you have often heard people talk about someone’s energy being low. Or you might visit someone’s home and feel the energy in that home, because it makes you feel comfortable or uncomfortable. That is the energy signature of the home. The house has been imprinted with the energy of the people who live in it. Their emotions and thoughts carry a vibration, and it permeates everything within those walls.
Or you might meet someone who has a very positive attitude and great state of mind. They’re radiantly happy and you feel they have the best energy. There are an infinite number of energy frequencies. And whatever frequency you’re hooked in to is surrounded by an energy field that has a vibration that is above it in frequency and below it in frequency. There is no separation. Where one frequency stops, another frequency begins. Energy flows with your thoughts, emotions and actions. Everything is connected and interacts with everything else. When we say attitude is the fastest way to change your reality, this is because attitude sends an energetic vibration to the energy field around you, and others quickly pick up on it. Your power is in choosing your attitude, and this gives you control over your experience.
In Part 2 of this blog post we will examine how you can tame your mind to create your reality.

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