The Power of Neuroplasticity


Clients often contact me because they want me to conduct a reading for them and predict the outcome of a specific situation. That is not my intention, however. My job is to empower you by reading your energy patterns and letting you know that you can change anything through self-discovery, as long as you first understand what you are creating and why.

Our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, actions, words and feelings create the most probable outcome, out of millions of possible outcomes. The energy that you are most focused upon, along with your intention, will become the most powerful, probable outcome, which will become evident to me in a reading. I have learned through many years of reading people that fear can often be the driving force behind our actions, thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately, this fear becomes an automatic response and our brain loops over and over again to create the same response time and time again.

But there is good news. If this outcome is not what you want to receive, you can change these neural loops and rewire your brain. This is the whole idea behind the concept of neuroplasticity. Once you understand that your mind, emotions and thoughts work together, complementing each other to create an outcome, you can emotionally and mentally get behind what you want to change in your life and you can rewire your brain.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

The first thing I ask my clients in workshops is, “What do you want?” Secondly, I ask them, “Why do you want this?” My third question to them is, “What is the obstacle that stands between you and the thing you want?”

Before you can set a goal, you must understand the root emotion in the thought that is causing you to doubt that you can reach that goal. When we examine our old beliefs, habits, thoughts and feelings from experiences we’ve had throughout life, we find that these are outdated and aren’t serving us anymore. Rather, they are causing us to react in old ways instead of to thoughtfully respond based upon our understanding of the current situation.

Neuroplasticity involves two words: neurons and plasticity. It means that the nerve cells, or neurons, in your brain can be molded, reorganized and changed (as if they are “plastic”). Neuroplasticity can be evidenced through science. Doctors know that the brain can reorganize itself by making new neural connections throughout our lives, allowing it to compensate for disease or injury and adjust the activities of the neurons in response to changes in the environment or to new situations.

For example, think of how a stroke victim can often learn to compensate for brain damage. If a certain area of the brain is damaged from a stroke, a different, healthy area of the brain can sometimes take over for that area, learning to compensate for its assigned task. The brain is literally rewiring itself to compensate for the physical damage it has undergone.

This neuroplasticity applies to the mind as well. Thoughts create emotions, and emotions create chemicals in your body. These chemicals create a feeling, which, in turn, creates a memory. These thoughts, emotions, feelings and memories then create neural pathways. Neural pathways create loops, or habits.

Neuropsychologist Donald Hebb noted that “neurons that wire together fire together.” Your mind is constantly subconsciously creating these neural networks, and your body is telling your mind what to do, how to act and how to respond to situations based upon these neural networks. But what you can build up, you can also demolish and rebuild.

As noted author and New Thought proponent Joseph Murphy writes in Miracles of Your Mind, “Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, plus what you give your consent to in life, determine your world…Your habitual thinking comprises your mental attitude. …The thoughts you constantly entertain in your mind generate emotion. Your habitual thinking brings you misery or happiness, health or pain, achievement or a deep frustration, a balanced mind or tension along with anxiety.”

Reinventing Yourself Through Neuroplasticity

How many times have you been faced with a challenge that seemed insurmountable, and doubted your ability to overcome it, based upon your past experiences, feelings and thoughts?

In order to change your mind and your life, you must take control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions and believe that you can choose to change. In this way, you can improve yourself day by day. By controlling your feelings, attitudes and actions, you can change your personality. You have the power to change your neural networks. When you become unstuck in the thoughts, feelings, emotions and ways of the past, you can recreate your personality and build new neural networks.

As Murphy notes, you must stop yourself mid-thought and say to yourself, “Day by day and moment by moment, I’m getting better and better.” By catching yourself in a negative thought and replacing it with a positive thought, you are reinforcing your new beliefs and helping to rewire your brain. You are making a conscious choice to become better each day.

We will teach you to control your brain (thought) through neuroplasticity. You will then be able to create healthy, strong, positive programs that are of your own choosing, not from old habits, behaviors and experiences. By working through the subconscious negative beliefs, a positive action will take place. You will be feeling the right emotions and your thoughts and feelings will be aligned with each other.

You must transcend or get rid of your old thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, beliefs and actions in order to create the new reality that you desire. Only through your new mind can you create your new reality.

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