Getting anything that you want in life first requires making a decision. The decision is to have the thing that you want. This means that you must accept said “thing” into your life. Most people don’t make the decision, instead, keeping this concept in their minds and holding it at bay, like a fantasy. It is safer when the concept exists “out there” as a phantom, never to really be experienced in this life.

In my practice, I talk to many people who have held lovers, spouses, or the idea of what someone could be and what it would feel like to be with a person, in this way. It exists in a cloud “out there.” The person holding the fantasy taps into the “cloud” and they feed off of it. This energy cloud becomes their “go to” place. They can disappear to the cloud in their mind and it envelops them, becoming an escape. But keeping it stored in the cloud doesn’t allow it to manifest in reality.

Clients will call me and tell me that they have done all the work, and that the process of manifestation and its laws are garbage. It is far from garbage, however.

What you do not realize is that your mind and your beliefs are blocking you. The garbage is what you believe to be in your mind. The law of attraction and the laws governing creation and manifestation in the universe are literally foolproof. They reflect back to you what you truly believe, deep down. Before you stop reading, know this–the external situation you find yourself in and the things that you have surrounding you all reflect your mind. We are always manifesting. By the shift of one simple but powerfully useful tool, we can change our lives. Choose to perceive your world differently in every moment.

I took up a challenge that a friend put forth. He had been listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza talk about his recovery from a devastating spinal injury. Dispenza decided to not let a single thought pass through his mind without being aware of it. In other words, he watched every thought he had, and listened to his mind talk. (Our minds do talk, you know–incessantly. In every moment, we are judging, calculating, analyzing and pigeon-holing to the nth degree).

When I began to really listen to my own mind, I saw how it would generate feelings, and these feelings would generate more negative thoughts. What became most astounding to me is that feelings always came first. If vibration is not continually generated in a positive way, negative thinking will be created. It is a loop, a vicious cycle. Most of what we think is not really thinking. It is what we have decided and downloaded in order to keep us safe and comfortably uncomfortable.

If you want to change your life, you must first decide to do so. That can be discomforting, because you must change your perceptions and beliefs. In order to change your perceptions and beliefs, you must change your mind. It all comes back to choice. The law of attraction perfectly reflects your mind and its content. Your thoughts send out a vibration, which is “read” by the laws that govern the forces all around us. (This also explains how I am able to read your energy and intention). You cannot change the law of attraction, but you can stop fighting it and begin to use it to your advantage.

If you do not cultivate the feeling of what it is to have the lifestyle, relationship or “thing” that you want, you must change your mind. Changing your mind is changing your thoughts. It’s that simple. You must make a decision that you want something so much that you are willing to let go of the thoughts that are keeping it from you. And trust me, if you are not getting what you want, it’s because you are thinking and feeling thoughts that are the antithesis of what you want.

Some people simply drop their old thinking and are rock-solid in their choice. The change they see and feel is palpable. Their very energy shifts, and you can feel the shift. They become the lifestyle, the relationship, and feel that they already have accomplished or acquired the “thing” that they have wanted. Their faith and conviction is an unwavering, unshakeable knowing and inner strength that overcomes the antitheses of their desire. Read that again.

In order to write this blog post, I had to make a decision to write it. Next, I had to act upon that decision. I had to organize it in my mind and then sit down and write it. In order to manifest this blog post, I made the decision to write it, and took action. The blog post was not going to write itself. If I did not take the action and follow through with posting it, it would remain in the ever- loving space of ideas. And somewhere, some way, someone else would write this blog post as it remained in the ethers, waiting to be expressed.

I had options. I could have hired someone to write the blog post for me, or I could write the blog post myself. I decided that I knew what I wanted to say and that, in writing this myself, I would be able to best transfer what I have learned. I like to control what is presented to my audience, since I ultimately take responsibility for what is in print.

The reason that most people don’t have what they want is because they do not know how to get it. You do not have to know how it is going to come, you just have to know that it will, because you become what you want to see. Go back to the feeling and read on.

Your life is an expression. You can choose to freely express yourself.

“I am going to have that.” That sentence can be followed with “because I need it” or it can be followed with the simplicity of “just because I want to have that and experience that.” We generally want something because of the way it makes us feel or because we believe it will make us feel a certain way. So, the answer to how to get this “something that you want” is simple. You must be able to know what it will feel like to have it by cultivating that feeling. How do you cultivate feeling? By placing all your thought into it.

Read about it, Google every single thing you can find on your desire, print photos of it, and dream. You must dream. Dream it right onto the screen of your mind. Dreams become reality through the immersion of feeling, and the decision to take action to have the experience, and to never, ever give up or give in. It is the stubborn heart and mind that are determined to have and to overcome all obstacles to which the laws deliver.

You have all the resources within you. You are the resource when you make the decision. In choosing you flip your brain to a higher frequency, to thoughts of having and immersing yourself in this thought unwaveringly, you begin to attract to yourself everything on that frequency. You become a “welcome sign” to what you want.

If you find yourself with an armful of what you don’t want, take a moment to examine what thoughts, feelings and beliefs are behind it. Then decide to make that obstacle or unwanted thing an opportunity to choose differently. Perceive every obstacle as an opportunity to have what you want, and it will be so. Be fearless, not reckless, and know that nothing and no one can stand in the way. God, the Universe, and all that is, loves a heart with conviction.

The decision is simple. The follow-through and burning desire must be present. That fire will burn everything that stands between you and having what you want. Choice is your superpower.

In my next blog I will discuss how to expose and change the beliefs that do not serve you.

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