You can have anything that you want –you just have to let go of the habits that are keeping you safe. These are habits of which you aren’t even aware. They are like shadows that follow you around. Whenever your subconscious mind picks up a perceived threat from a past memory that was programmed into it through repetition, emotion and belief, unbeknownst to you, that habit switches on the neural networks in your brain. These networks send messages to your brain, telling it that there is a “situation,” and chemicals are released into your blood stream that flood your perception of what is “really happening.” You may also believe that these habits are keeping you safe, but they are not. They are keeping you small. They are keeping you from accomplishing greater things in your life. Many people reject the idea that they are the cause that creates the effect. If I spend enough time with them, they become surprised to find that the culprit lies within their old, programmed beliefs systems. This belief system has become habit. What you focus on regularly, becomes your reality.

Your subconscious mind does not know that these habits that were put into place so long ago are now only distant memories. It has built upon the first habit by acquiring more, similar habits from your repeated thoughts, experiences and beliefs. These habits are piled high and deep in your subconscious mind, reinforcing old beliefs and correlating to other beliefs.

But these habits are not reality! They are not true! They can be changed! To achieve the things in your life that you desire – love, money, homes, cars, travel, respect, physical body, health – you simply must dig a little. You are not really and truly “safe” if you are living by these shadow habits, because they are keeping you from fully living your life.

The Law of Reversibility

The law of reversibility is a proven scientific fact. It states that heat can be used to generate electricity, and electricity can generate heat. In other words, although heat created electricity, electricity can also create heat (the thing that generated itself). You have created what you see as your life, and therefore, you can un-create it, understanding that you will replace what you don’t want with what you do want. But first, you must become aware of what you are creating. If you cannot understand why you aren’t able to create what you are seeking, it is because you cannot see what is blocking you from that manifestation. Your subconscious is simply doing its job.

First, you must understand what is causing your struggle to create what you want. You are likely seeing yourself outside of that which you want to be or to create. If this is the case for you, you must align your consciousness with who you want to be as if you are. that now. In other words, be it now.

In that moment, there is a shift. Your subconscious mind is telling you that is absolute rubbish. You can feel it. That is the feeling you are looking for. Under the lid of your subconscious is an old belief that is reliving itself through your expression. This old belief must be uprooted or overcome. If you desire a beautiful new home, but stored in your subconscious beliefs is a feeling that you do not deserve it, or are not worthy of it, or were told you can never have it, then you are being blocked by your own mind. The possibility of manifesting a beautiful new home may not happen unless you reverse or release that belief, with feeling. Only after you know in your heart of having it, will it manifest in your life. You must first believe in the existence of your desire before you will see it manifest.

Using the Law of Reversibility: Prayer and Meditation

In order to visualize yourself healthy, wealthy, in a great relationship, and living your dream life, you must first know how to use the law of reversibility effectively. It is a tool to help you create your reality to reflect what you visualize and want in your heart. It works alongside imagination, feeling, prayer, and meditation. But you must use it to affect change. There is an old Hebrew saying: “We have three ears. One on the left and one on the right. But the most important is the ear within the heart.” Listen with your heart open and with vulnerability.

The very first requirement in prayer and meditation is controlled imagination. In order to control your imagination, you must first quiet yourself and the things around you. Quieting your mind is step one, and often one of the most difficult step. A mind filled with noise and the chaos from your life or your fears cannot hold a powerful, focused thought or intention. It is constantly interrupted by “noise.” Your mind is your temple. Sanctify it with silent beauty.

Most of the time, you are unknowingly thinking about the past. You are reliving in your mind people who have hurt you, and recreating these hurts, because you’re focused on them. You’re dissipating your power and energy by focusing on pain, rejection and a plethora of other negative emotions. These toxic thoughts create illness, moods, and temperaments, and eventually harden into a shadow of your tremendous potential. If you are living in poverty, lack, pain, anger, hatred, jealousy, a lack of love or ill health, you must first look to the spiritual side for the cause. These habitual thoughts and feelings are habits. Habits can be changed. You simply need to set an intention that is more powerful than the habits that are keeping you stuck. Know that millions of people have, do and will continue to overcome the very same things that you believe are keeping you stuck.

Changing these habits involves the following steps:

  • Go within the temple of your mind. Quiet the noise, sitting in silence, willing to let go of all the past that needs to go.
  • Set your intention to that which you want to see change and manifest. Feel it in your heart as yours.
  • When you are struggling, stop and forgive yourself and your past in detail. Rewrite the outcome in your mind and heart so that it reflects and overrides the past. Remember, you’re the creator, and the created is your canvas. Reinvent the past the way you want to see it. Nothing stands in your way but your thoughts, feelings and belief.
  • Feel it. Forgive others, forgive yourself and set yourself free from your old past. Let go and let God.
  • Do not worry as to how this will manifest, but trust that it is always better than you could ever have imagined.
  • As with anything, this must be practiced until you easily feel free from your past. Sound crazy? Not compared to choosing to remain powerless to your past habits.

    The more you focus, the deeper you go. The deeper you go, the faster you manifest. The best times to practice this exercise is when you wake up or right before bed because your subconscious mind is in the theta, hypnotic state and accepts this much more easily.

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