Reality is a very personal concept. Because of your subconscious mind, your mind and your thoughts will automatically work against you without your conscious awareness. While it is difficult to master your subconscious mind, it is not only doable, it is necessary if you’re serious about releasing your inner Michelangelo and creating great relationships.
When you are thinking of yourself as the artist Michelangelo, your mind is the canvas upon which you work. But simply visualizing something is not enough. You must harness the subtle feelings within. When you do this, your mind and thoughts will do anything you want them to do. Your feelings must be reined in and molded to match your visuals. For example, fear is a feeling that can totally halt the creative process. However, if you feel just a little glimmer of determination, as in, “I want this, and I’m going to find a way,” then you become Michelangelo. You can build castles in the sky and they will manifest in your reality.
Think about Walt Disney. He built an imaginary world in his mind. He then pushed that imaginary world out into this physical reality. Although, at first, it looked as though he was failing, he held onto his dream and persisted. Everything began in his mind.
During the creative process of those who build castles in the sky, those people believed that what they visualized in their minds they could and would achieve. And so they did.
Things that people say you cannot do, someone else believes that they can do. Because of that belief, they accomplish their goal. You might not be able to sprout wings and fly, but you can have someone else build you a set of mechanical wings to enable you to fly. There’s always a way to achieve your goals.

The Shadow Self

Blind spots arise from our shadow selves. The shadow self is the self that is driving the car while you ride shotgun. It is lurking beneath your conscious mind and whispering sour nothings into your ear. It is telling you, “You can’t do that. You will look like an idiot. You are a failure. That’s for other people, not for you. You can’t have that.” Your shadow self keeps you paralyzed, locked safely into your seatbelt. Even if someone opened the car door for you, you wouldn’t be able to figure out how to get out of the seatbelt. Blind spots are the things that keep you stuck. They not only kill your creativity, but they also kill relationships.
How Do Blind Spots Affect Relationships?
When you are in a relationship, you want to believe something to be true about the other person. You are especially fervent in your beliefs about your own self– sometimes stubbornly so. You can’t see that you are your own worst enemy because of your blindness of self.
When you meet someone new and are in the love bombing stage, things are great, and you think, “This is the one, this is it, this is my forever one and only whom I’m going to marry.” At that time, the truth is that the relationship is really great. Love chemicals are creating a state of being that is heavenly. Inevitably, however, you will fall back into your old patterns, thinking and habits that have caused all of your other relationships to fail. These old habits likely bled into other areas of your life, like relationships with co-workers.
Every day, people call me wanting me to read the energy of themselves and of another person of interest, romantic or otherwise. This other person could be someone with whom they are currently involved, with whom they have been involved in the past, or with whom they would like to be involved. The caller’s focus is generally on the person of interest, not on the caller themselves.
We believe that our relationships are supposed to be a certain way. We believe that people should do specific things to make us happy. We want other people to make us feel a certain way. When the other person does not respond in the way that we want them to, all hell breaks loose. We forget that the other person with whom we are in a relationship is really a mirror of ourselves. These are our blind spots. Blind spots are areas that we are not able to perceive or to see. We are blinded by our beliefs, ideas, ego, needs, wants, rules and desires. These things stand in the way of us seeing what is really happening. And most of them are subconscious!
Blind spots cause us to believe that what we see and feel is “right.” They make us blind to our own faults, reactions and false beliefs. Blind spots make us feel entitled to have a bad attitude and to react irrationally because we cannot see what is really happening. We see what we believe to be true based upon a past experience.

How to Remove Blind Spots

If you say you want to have a loving relationship, you have to be loving. If you say you want more money, then get up and do something about it. If you don’t know what to do or where to go, find out. When you make the effort to find out, you will get the answers that you need. It’s up to YOU to take the action. You have an amazing energy universe around you that will respond to you beautifully if you will just ask the questions. You must become a participant in your own life. You are responsible for removing your blinders!
If your relationships aren’t working, take a good look at yourself. If you’re going to demand that someone else put up with you, you’re going to have to put up with them, too. If you just do that, however, you will have a miserable relationship. You will be comfortably uncomfortable. If you like being comfortably uncomfortable, that’s fine with me. You do your thing. But, I suspect, if you’re even reading this post, you’re not comfortable with being uncomfortable anymore.
Blind spots pop up in everyone all the time – including me. I am aware of my blind spots. Blind spots help to balance things and show me a new approach or a different way of perceiving. Blind spots awaken within me the ability to understand another’s perception, and why they look at life in the way that they do. This is fascinating to me. Through understanding another, we perceive life through their lens. It’s like removing a blindfold to perceive a different truth – their truth. I’m even aware that I’m understanding their truth through my perception of what they’re telling me. But I always make the effort to try to understand. Through understanding, I can truly help the other person – or at least, I can try. Understanding each other is sharing parts of ourselves to awaken a new reality in each other. When others can see through your lens, they understand you better. When you see through the lens of another person, you better understand them. Tolerance and compassion are born from understanding.
In order to balance the scales, you must choose to see through the lens of love. Become aware of love, and you’ll see more love, which will project that energy onto the other person in your relationship. It is your projection of what you believe that other person to be that creates things to be so. If you project love, you will see more love. This is transformational. The chances of your relationships thriving will skyrocket if you choose compassion and understanding, viewing through the lens of love.
Everyone wants to be loved and understood. We want acknowledgement of who we are, what we feel and how we perceive the world. Sharing our view of life with others helps others to better understand us, and vice versa. Listen. Feel. Assimilate. After some inner reflection, you will find yourself in the perception of the other person, because everything that is you has been pushed out.
I’ll say this over and over again: if you give me enough time, I will always show you the mirror. The things that we struggle with are always our blind spots. Blind spots are just hindrances that need to be removed in order to uncover the truth. The truth is that YOU are the creator. Your life and the people around you are your mirror. Thank them and learn about yourself so that their light can illuminate your soul.
Where other people perceived a large square of granite, Michelangelo saw instead the stunning statue of David. His power is your power. Embrace it.

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