Soul Level Love

What do most people really, truly desire? Nine out of ten people I talk to tell me that they are looking for a deep, meaningful, intimate soul love. They not only want it, they crave it.
How and why are so many people looking for soul love, in almost epidemic proportions? In a world full of people to connect to and to love, most people are single or divorced, depressed, lonely, desperately alone and craving human connection. Although the Internet keeps us “connected,” we aren’t genuinely connected in a deeper, more meaningful way, in a way that really matters. We feel empty and spent because we are tirelessly pursuing that type of connection, something that satisfies beyond words.
What is a soul connection? Soul level love is a connection that is so deeply felt that it seems to be eternal. It is truly knowing the other person in a way that goes way beyond words. These types of relationships come in many forms. Once you have experienced a soul connection, you will never forget it.
How do you cultivate a soul connection? The process begins within.

The Inside Job

Dating platforms typically are focused on looking outside of yourself for love. But love must be, above all, an inside job first. No one outside of yourself can fill your void, no matter how much you tell yourself that they will.
First, you must examine why your relationships don’t work out. Where have you placed your focus? Most of us are too busy repeating the same patterns, stuck wondering why our relationships never change. We are stuck in the “familiar.” “Familiar” doesn’t necessarily feel good; it’s simply what we know, what we have learned and what we unconsciously repeat.
Do some self-reflection to see what is lurking beneath it all. Everything that you judge and perceive outside of yourself is a reflection of yourself. Your perceptions are your reality. If you can muster the strength to become self-aware, I promise that you can have awesome relationships.
Remember that your choices are YOURS ALONE. Stop blaming others for your misery. You must love yourself before you love others. In order to love yourself, you must know yourself. Most people don’t want to take the time to know themselves. They’d rather waste time on dating apps that will never be able to find them a soul love. You cannot find a soul love until you really, truly know yourself. Knowing what is happening in your body and your mind will uncover what has really broken your heart.

The Magic of OxytocinLet’s Talk About Sex

Sex is a natural part of life. There is nothing like being accepted by another person in all of our nakedness, both literally and figuratively. But sex and love are NOT synonymous. They are two different things. When we have both, it is the elixir of intimate, deep soul love.
In committed soul level love, all of our flaws melt away in this powerful, soothing, healing balm. This type of union that penetrates the mind, body and soul is craved by most people. It is a healing, bonding communion with another person. We categorize it as making love, even when the sex is hot and passionate. Soul level love is specific to your soul and that of your significant other.
Communication and Responsibility
Sex can be used as an addiction. Communication and responsibility are not typically thought about when we have a surge of oxytocin running through our veins. What motivates your sexual activity? Communication is the key. If you can’t communicate with someone else about your expectations, your feelings or your desires, you will learn the hard way the importance of communication in relationships.
Not all communication is verbal. Sexual relationships will teach you the subtle art of communication through signals and clues. Trial and error in this communication process brings emotional highs and lows, depending upon your past programmed experience. It also brings heartache. If you process it correctly, however, you will learn the truth behind the wisdom that sex is not love. Soul level love takes responsibility for the sex you have, who you have it with and what motivates you to have it.

Sex Isn’t Intimacy

Having sex with someone does not create intimacy. Intimacy begins BEFORE sex. It is the communion of mind, body, soul and spirit. Loving another person completely means loving yourself enough. It means that you make yourself vulnerable enough to the other person, knowing the risk that they can hurt you. If you know yourself, what you want and what you need, communicating responsibly with your energy and choices, this risk is not a risk. It is an experience that must be embraced. Love must have a channel in which to release itself, and you are that channel. Intimacy can be found among friends and connects people deeply at the soul level. Soul level love is not just found within romantic relationships. Intimacy exists within all deeply connected relationships, including friendships.

Finding Your Soul Love

Soul level love can exist between friends, lovers, children, spouses, parents, family members and our precious pets. No one defines love for you but YOU. Soul level love loves the whole being, is vulnerable, and connects and bonds intimately with another person. This love is so powerful that it heals you and the other person and radiates this love to the world. When you begin to heal your inner self through self-awareness, understanding your thoughts, habits and patterns, your perception of the world begins to shift. You are loving from soul, as soul because you are unadulterated love. You are an expression of God through your consciousness. The book of Isaiah says, “God will give you beauty for ashes.” God resides within you as YOU.
This blog is simply meant to point a way to finding your soul level love. It is not the only way, as there is not one specific way to achieve anything. There is also your own, personal way to make this connection. This blog is meant to serve as a guide. Find your own way to your soul love, and if you find that your way works, email me at to tell me all about it.

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