Eventually, as people lock themselves into mindsets and feelings, they begin to wear on their bodies and face the very emotions they feel and think.

Taming the Mind

Before you can change your vibrational energy, thus changing your life, you must tame your mind – also known as your reactional ego. The reason we fail at creating the good life is because we do not control our minds.

Your mind controls your emotions. If you find it too difficult to remove your mind from the world outside and all that distracts you and, instead, you continue to believe what you see, discouragement sets in and you retreat. You must stand firmly rooted in what you know.  You are the creator, and because you are the creator, energy bends to your intention. Do not let energy bend your mind, thoughts and emotions, however–this affects your actions. Those who do are much like the somanabolic reactional beings in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.”

Plato describes a scene in which prisoners have their heads bound so that they only see one reality. Their bodies are also chained and they are watching shadows, believing this is reality. They are convinced that this is reality, because their eyes are taking in a scene they believe to be true. Yet the shadows are merely a reflection of life. One prisoner escapes and realizes the truth. This prisoner comes back to free the others, but they do not believe him–they are threatened by this truth. They have held their beliefs about reality for so long that they are unable to perceive that there is anything outside the cave. Feeling threatened, they threaten to kill the prisoner who escaped.

As in the “Allegory of the Cave,” there are those who cannot and will not ever believe more than what they were taught, and they will continue on in their reality. Let these people go. Your job is to remain balanced in your own mind. Stay firm in your convictions and remain silent, always sending a positive, loving thought.

As in the “Allegory of the Cave,” there are those who cannot and will not ever believe more than what they were taught, and they will continue on in their reality. Let these people go. Your job is to remain balanced in your own mind. Stay firm in your convictions and remain silent, always sending a positive, loving thought.

Face Yourself

One of my mentors told me that I must face myself up and down and inside out. This was to remove the blocks and beliefs that were keeping me bound to struggle. It took me years to understand what he was saying. I needed to drop the illusions. Illusions are the ghosts of our past that haunt us with the memories stored in the subconscious mind. These memories are made up of automatic reactions that haunt us, controlling our lives and allowing others to affect and control us. The mind that is quiet, serene and balanced remains unmoved by what it sees because within it is a vision of what is. Reality bends to this mind’s vision.
Check in with what your daily experiences are. What types of conversations do you have with your friends about your day? We unknowingly gravitate towards people who have the same weaknesses we have, although they may manifest differently. My mentor told me that people unknowingly and knowingly interplay with other people’s energy because it’s familiar to them. We seek out “like-minded people” who reflect our weaknesses, emotional triggers, and addictions. We then feed off each other’s energy and exploit each other’s weaknesses, triggers and addictions, keeping each other stuck.

Be bold enough to face yourself. Everything is a reflection and mirror of you.

You want love? Be more loving, without conditions.

You want to be wealthy? Then you must think, feel and act wealthy. Wealth is not arrogance, wealth is a state of mind and feeling about having more than enough. It is generous–that is why it flows to you. Be generous in spirit and the good you seek will find you.

When you want a healthy, happy balanced relationship, get rid of your conditions and become that which you want to experience. If you are suspicious, distrustful, insecure, and waiting for someone to love you first, you are going to receive the same. If, instead, you dial in your energy and you are that which you want to experience, the energy you experience will absolutely manifest the mirror of that which you are. Know yourself, change yourself and your relationships change.

Be the thing you want to be first.

Read that again.

You Own Your Energy–Your Power

Do not follow the lead of others– take the lead in your own life. You do not need a guru – you only need yourself. You will attract to yourself people that will mirror you and your beliefs. When you decide with absolute conviction that you will be who you see yourself being, all will fall into place. Drop your insecurities and just know. You don’t need a healer– you are the healer. Even if you do go to a healer, it is your own belief that heals you. It is your allowing of the energy and the belief behind it. You are powerful, and even if you employ someone to help, you know that this is still you. Do not allow others to feed off of your energy. Do not give away your power to another. If you feel entrapped or fearful or that another has the power, reset your thinking. They do not. You have the power. Stop giving it away.

We have been taught to believe that the power is outside of us. It is within us and it sits in the very center of our heart and mind. If we understand that fundamentally, we are energy, many of the struggles we have in manifesting will go away.

Where you are in your life right now is just that — where you are in your life right now. The moment you decide to take an honest look at yourself and your life and you begin to see how you got there, everything will change, because you will choose change. Your superpower is that you have the ability to choose. Get honest with how you got to where you are. This isn’t a judgment–nobody has any right to judge you or how you got to where you are. Remember — everything that’s ever happened to you is recorded in your subconscious mind.

Connecting The Dots

If you can connect the dots of your past, you will see how events and your thoughts, feelings and choices have created your reality. Every decision that you made had an action (as well as a reaction from other people). Choices, vulnerabilities, fears, relationships, rejection, success, goals and achievements, all helped map out your “life.” But now, you can see the red dotted map track, place it where you want to go, and map it out clearly.

Do not let yourself get lost and mired down in past rejection, vulnerability and fear. Look at these and recognize how they caused you to derail from your dreams. Now, change your track.

In our workshops, we ask a participant to go back in their mind and remember a time when they were young and things began to come together. Look at the way that others influenced you — your parents, your siblings, your family members, society, and all the schools you’ve attended. Think about how different people influenced you, and how the different places that you’ve lived influenced you.

When you look back, you will see how you achieved the goals and the life that you have now. Then, you can say, “I want this.” (fill in the blank with your goal). It will become more attainable to you because you know how you got to where you are now. If we don’t know how we got somewhere, we often make a statement such as “I want this,” but quickly become negative. In contrast, you know exactly how to get there. You’ve been doing it all your life. Now, you just need to do it in a more focused way.

Nothing is created or destroyed. You simply need to tune into the reality that already is. If you’re having trouble finding the station, don’t give up. Continue to gently turn the dial until you find the music that you like. Tune in to the very reality you see yourself living. Once you tune in to the correct frequency, all kinds of things start to happen in this state. Your conscious awareness becomes your new world. You begin to view your world from the place in which you want to be. This is called living in the end.

When you move your consciousness to a higher frequency, you are using your higher faculties. These include imagination, intuition, inner sight and inner feelings. It is the secret place spoken of in the Bible. No one else can see that place.

Steve Jobs said,  “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” The dots that you connected in the past created the reality you have in the present. Now you have to trust something different. Trust the process and use your higher faculties.

We unconsciously create our circumstances. We must translate vision into being. Your mind must be centered upon the state of being that you want to be. Then, think and view the world from that state. This is how you move to a higher frequency. You consent to your decision to be that which you want to be. Adapt to the ideas and feelings of the new frequency. In doing this, you’re operating from intuition, not operating by what you can see with your eyes. Remain true to your state of being and it will manifest.

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