Before we continue discussing the programs that were downloaded into your subconscious mind as a child and have been running ever since, let’s take a look at the science behind brain entrainment.

Science Explaining the Mystical

If you really desire change, you will change. Understanding that you are energy, and how energy works will help you to understand the process of change and what it requires.
You are made up of 50 trillion cells. Each cell in your body has a negative charge on the inside and a positive charge on the outside. You are like a walking battery. The battery is electromagnetic, with energy fields that act as an antenna. It attracts to it the same frequency to which it vibrates. It has a resonance and a feeling to it that is generated by your thoughts. The energy field is energetic thoughts, as your body’s cells are responding to what you are thinking, feeling and saying to yourself all the time. When you tap into your thoughts, you are tapping into your energy field. You must do this with your conscious mind. If you’re tapped into your thoughts, then you’re already tapping into your energy field, because the thought isn’t a material or mechanical thing – it is energy. It is invisible. What you create begins in a world that is unseen. The unseen, energetic world is made up of things we feel, think and say.
Magnetic fields have many different ranges. When you’re in a state of agitation, you will “tune in” to agitated energy fields and attract agitation. When you are in a state of pure beauty, calm, love and happiness, you will begin to find yourself in the same states, attracting the same experiences. This energy has a positive impact on the fields around you.
Every atom is a vibrating source of energy. Every atom gives off light and energy, and every atom absorbs light and energy. I see you not because you’re a physical being, but because light bounces off the energy and is reflected back. What I am seeing is a reflection of you. It appears that you’re physically there, and you are, but you’re really there in energy and vibration.
If an atom is energy, and molecules are made from atoms, molecules are energy. Molecules make cells, and cells are energy. Cells have a force field, which gives them the character of being physical. They reflect light so that we can see them, and the energy becomes what we see.
Quantum physics reveals that everything in the universe in energy – it’s all vibration. Since you are energy, and you need to communicate with energy to change, how do you do it? The answer is, with energy. Energy communicates with energy. Vibrational frequencies, sound, light and electromagnetic fields are all forms of vibrational energy, the language of our atoms. This is what a psychic feels when they give you a reading, because they, themselves, are energy and are tuned in to your frequency.

Programs Downloaded Into Your Subconscious Mind
Programs that you have downloaded into your subcons

cious mind can harm your life and your relationships. Neural networks cluster and then form agreements with other networks and then associate things that aren’t even true, real or happening.
As an example, when someone is avoidant and do not communicate with you, your tendency is to react to that avoidance. It can be devastating as you and the other person are not communicating your true feelings – your subconscious minds are doing the work for the two of you. The subconscious minds are acting from the standpoint of a two- to seven-year-old. You, the person being ignored might say to yourself, “My God, won’t he/she ever grow up?” The simple answer is no, he/she will not grow up, unless they are able to dissect their subconscious patterns and beliefs. In order to grow up, you have to be conscious of what was programmed in your mind between the ages of two and seven.
Interestingly, the person whom you are judging here is also yourself. You may have the same tendencies as the other person, but you do not see them within yourself. In order to identify and understand what another person is doing, you must have the knowledge of this within yourself. Self-examination is a hard nut to crack, but it can be cracked if you are willing to really look at yourself. Your world is a reflection of yourself. What you believe about others is within you. Don’t believe me? Try not to blame others for 30 days. Take full responsibility by changing your thoughts, reactions, feelings and behaviors, and you will see your outer world change. But remember, this is a practice that must be repeated moment by moment, day by day.

Making Changes to Your Programs

The moment you decide to take control and put your hands on the steering wheel and drive the car yourself is the moment you have power. The conscious mind, which is creative, can reprogram the subconscious mind, with practice. But you must want to change.
Wanting to change but doing nothing about it, or doing it half-assed, will NOT get you results. You will soon quit and fall right back into the uncomfortable “comfort zone” you call your life. You will continue to lament over lost love and lose out on opportunities to live a happy, healthy life. Being forced to change can happen, through a catalyst, such as being diagnosed with a sudden illness, losing someone or something close to you, the break-up of a relationship, losing a job, facing an addiction that is ruining your life and more. These life changes can act as a wake-up call. I have seen people shift their consciousness in a matter of days after such a life change, and still continue to make changes years later. They always are aware of their choices, and they continue to exercise their choice to change their lives if their lives are not working.

Listen to and Change Your Self-Talk
One of the ways in which you can begin to change is to notice, and change, your self-talk. Your conscious mind will highlight the way in which the subconscious mind drives the car by the things it repeats back to you in the form of self-talk. But you can change your self-talk. Here’s how.
Listen to the things you say to yourself. Self-talk is the number one most unconscious negative practice, and you do it to yourself through the programs you downloaded into your subconscious as a child.
Change your negative self-talk. Start affirming yourself through positive, conscious messages. Tell yourself, “I am good. I can change.” When something negative occurs, try to see the positive in it and communicate this to yourself. This can help you to discover the hidden joy in just about any situation.

Practice Meditation and Prayer

Prayer and meditation are things that interact with the unseen world to bring about changes that are seen. This includes your imagination, day dreams and fantasies. When backed with emotion, these things send out a frequency to which you resonate. If you hold that resonance, you will attract to yourself what you want. Hold the resonance, the vibration, the mood, the knowing and the belief. Practice this, just as a dancer practices dance through feeling, sound and movement.

Using Music and Sound to Change Your Programs

You can entrain your brain and raise your vibration by entangling sound. Music has historically been used to change vibration, as it is vibrational resonance. The ancient Greeks knew that music is profoundly important in healing. They knew about brain entrainment and the significance of harmonic sound. Sound is the element that music transmits to harmonize the nervous system.
Create healing frequencies using sound. You can create a frequency of abundance, love and joyful work. The very nature of atoms is to absorb the energy of the sound to which they resonate and with which they are in harmony.
Physics calls this interference, because the energy of the sound is interfering with the energy of the body. There are two kinds of interference: constructive and destructive. Both are necessary for healing, because sometimes you need to enhance something, and sometimes you need to lower the vibration of something.
It’s long been recognized that sound can generate electricity. Electricity is energy and must be harnessed. When you begin to put everything together, you see that tuning the vibration of the nervous system can heal your mind, body and spirit. Sound vibration can ease or eliminate pain. If used constructively with tuning frequencies for healing our lives, we can constructively interfere with the energy and vibration that has been causing our pain, mentally, financially, physically and spiritually. Energy, vibration and harmony is the new way of looking at biology.
Music that expresses a nice flow and harmonic resonance entrains your brain and causes the mind to stop with all of its stress and calm down. I use music to relax and get into a lower brain wave state, such as Theta, which takes away stress on the system.
I developed my own subliminal and self-hypnosis MP3 and, through trial and error, learned how to powerfully write affirmations that work. I embedded them into music that resonates at healing frequencies. And my life became harmonious and things flowed effortlessly. My primary incentive was to heal psychological beliefs and live a life I love.
Using sound to alleviate and interfere with your stress is most powerful before you go to sleep and first thing in the morning upon waking. Sleep shuts off the mind, which is interfering with the system. When you go to sleep stressed, your body uses sleep to heal. Using subliminal affirmations embedded in music before falling to sleep or upon waking produces a harmonic state.
We bring ourselves back into harmony through vibration and cooperation. It’s more effective and healthier to heal and create abundance, love, security and happiness.
You can listen to a sample of my Whole Life Success on my website. It is available to purchase, download and listen to begin your journey to living the life you love. Listen to the Subliminal MP3 or the Self-Hypnosis MP3 and let the sound wash over you. This is one way that you can begin to change the programs that have been running your life.

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