In Part 1 of this blog post, we discussed how your beliefs determine your attitude and your reality. Start small and take responsibility for everything in your life. Today, we will examine how you can use these techniques to manifest what you want.

How to Manifest What You Want

You manifest what is on your mind, not necessarily what it is that you want. The irony is that once you know this and understand this, you can manifest your desires quickly and easily by shifting your perception. The outer world is your measuring stick. Don’t like what you see? Turn within, change the story, and paint it on the canvas of your mind. Feel what it is like in that moment. You will know it by generating the feeling of love.
When you understand the Law by practicing manifestation with it and using it for good for all, you will understand that there are simply events or a “state.” A state is akin to a feeling that manifests itself. Like a state of being. When manifesting, you are the creator, and your methods are sustaining, generating, dissolving and changing. If you want more money, for example, you sustain it by continually generating it. Your state of mind is to continually manifest until it is so natural that you don’t even think about it. It becomes a part of you. Manifestation is an ever- changing state and an ongoing practice.
You can use these techniques with money, health, diet, relationships and anything that you want or need. You are not dependent on physical reality, because you have the state within you. You also have and harness the power to generate that state that you want to experience. no matter what problem you believe you have.

Want to have good relationships? Then believe that you’re loved like a living God/Goddess. In your experience, you will be. If there is something you consider to be undesirable, fix it in your mind the moment you see it. See the problem as a part of you– don’t react to it emotionally, and revise it immediately. In fact, if you struggle with this, laugh at all obstacles or problems.

With a strong foundation of mind, you will always have enough, you will always be loved and you will give love and help where needed. A true manifester knows that they are so abundant that they will always have enough, and they serve others to see everyone else have enough good in their lives, too. Remember, everything is you out-pictured. If you wish harm upon others, you are wishing it upon yourself. Some call this karma. It is Law. If everything is you, then always send love. Jesus said, “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,” Matthew 5:5. Your enemies are your own thoughts, and those thoughts will persecute you if left to take root. Get to gardening and weed out what no longer serves the life you want to live. Then plant the seeds for a life you love.

For those who want love, you must be loving. But for those who just want their ex back and want to use these techniques as a quick fix, trust me, you will fail. Having loads of money, your true love, an ex back and vibrant health is not the point. The point is understanding the Law and becoming the Law. The Law must be second nature to you. To manifest is to reflect your natural state of being into the three-dimensional world. This reality is a reflection of your natural state of being.

These Laws are about taking care of your mind and self-image. There are no quick fixes. You must have true understanding. If you do not have true understanding, you will always find yourself in the fear zone. The fear zone is the place where you always fear yourself losing something. Why? Because you do not realize that God is you and works through you. If you fear losing your lover or significant other, you probably will, because you focus on fear, not on knowing. Once you jump into these techniques, you cannot go back to the old, negative habits. You can no longer be abusive, quick to anger, spiteful, mean, a gossip or jealous. Otherwise, you will relapse.

In this life, and in all other lives and dimensions, this knowledge is critical, indispensable and vital. With it, you are forever blessed and saved. Without it, you remain ignorant and are bound to suffer.


The Law of Assumption states that your assumptions harden into facts. Learning that your assumptions create what you experience is like saying what you assume to be true becomes true. Live in the assumption. That is the only thing you should accept as true. I hear from people saying that they are limited, that the Law doesn’t work, that people have free will. If everything is you pushed out, then everything and anything that anyone says are just their/your own assumptions. If you read something and you don’t like it, you can just assume it’s not true for you, and assume whatever you want to be true for yourself.

For example, if you read that someone says that it takes at least one week for things to happen and you don’t like that idea, simply assume that things manifest instantly for you. If you see someone saying that you have to do SATS (state akin to sleep) to manifest something and you don’t like it, assume that whatever technique you like works just as well. You assume all the time, and all those assumptions create your reality so you might as well assume anything you like. Think that people will not agree with you? Assume they will. This is YOUR reality, and you are the only one deciding what your assumptions are.

You don’t have to believe everything someone says, not even the Great Teachers if Mysticism. You don’t have to apply everything I say, either, if it doesn’t resonate with you, since I am just sharing my own assumptions of what works for me.

You are free to assume anything you like, so do it, because this is your reality and you are the only one selecting it. Realize your true power. If you keep accepting other people’s assumptions even though you don’t like them, you are still giving away your power. You choose your rules, you choose your assumptions, you choose your reality. Be bold and assume only the best. If you want something, assume it’s done. Don’t argue with yourself, don’t ask if it’s possible, just assume it’s done, and assume it’s possible, and assume it’s a fact. Assume everything and anything you want and don’t ask anyone for permission. Other people are only reflecting your past assumptions anyway.

They are YOUR assumptions, so choose them wisely.

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