Did you know that you are your own first, true soul mate? There isn’t someone else out there to fill your void, although there are people out there who will complement your beautiful soul and enhance your life. In my own personal journey, I have discovered some things about love that I want to share with you.

When you truly fall in love with yourself, the shift that takes place is life-altering. Your outer world will change and respond differently to yourself and to your environment. Life is resplendent in this state.

Although the world professes to encourage self-love, it does not. Think about the idea of upgrades. Every time you turn around, there is a new gadget, a new procedure, new electronics, and new clothing. We are constantly upgrading our stuff to fit in and to keep up with the latest and greatest, and, in doing this, we lose ourselves. The idea of being excluded from the latest and greatest “stuff” is another trap that keeps us from self-love. Upgrading your self-love, and becoming self-aware, will set you free.

Invisible Energy and Self-Love

When you begin to focus on loving yourself, you become a more loving person, and you radiate energy that attracts more love. Because your focus is tuned into healing and loving yourself, you naturally attract a mate. You weave the fabric of your reality through your thoughts, feelings and desires, all of which are energy.

Remember, everything around us is energy. The new understanding of quantum physics tells us that our focus should not be on the material world and the things that you can visibly see, but rather, on the invisible energy. Invisible energy includes thoughts and beliefs. As it turns out, this invisible energy controls the physical world.

When quantum physics talks about the “energy field,” they are referring to this invisible, moving energy that influences our physical world. This is also the definition that has been used by mysticism and religion for eons to describe spiritual, invisible moving forces. The spirit, otherwise known as the field of energy, influences the physical world. Years ago, this subject was taboo. You either believed in religion or you believed in science, but science and religion were never to be mixed and measured together.

Today, modern science is reconnecting to and describing what we already know: that we are beings made up of energy and that we inhabit a physical body. Energy and information is downloaded through our central nervous system, sending messages to our brain, making us perceive something outside of ourselves. That perception, however, is based upon our past memories, not on something that is actually occurring in the present moment. Think about this: is what you perceive really what is happening, or is it your old program? This is indeed a mind-bending thought.

All of our outer experiences, as well as our inner ones, begin in the invisible, unseen world. If we can begin to focus on and honor the energy of the invisible, we discover that invisible energy is far more powerful than the energy of the outer, physical, material world. In the invisible world, we can alter and change the energy to reflect and create our outer world. This is called energetic interference, and is something I briefly discuss in my blog post, “Tapping the Unseen Through Music and Brain Entrainment.”

For example, imagine a calm, serene body of water. You throw a stone (which represents your thoughts, emotions and actions) into this still, peaceful body of water. The stone creates a disturbance, and the ripples interfere with the serenity of the water. The water is infused with intention (the stone). Next to you, another person tosses their own pebble into the pond. This energy creates another interference, which is infused with their intention. The two interferences intersect with and affect each other. Depending upon the intensity of the pebble that was thrown, the most dominant thoughts and feelings can, and will, overcome the other, weaker thoughts and feelings. Science has proven, however, that a powerful thought that is focused on love will trump negative thoughts.

This is what happens when you start concentrating on loving yourself. You become attuned to loving yourself and healing yourself. Therefore, you become more loving, giving off energy that attracts even more love, and will attract a mate.

Consciousness and Energy

When you start to analyze your beliefs and become more aware of your thoughts, powerful elements come into play. You start thinking and feeling your way through life, instead of blindly believing what the physical world tells you that you should believe. Consciousness creates the world. Therefore, our consciousness has the ability to change the world. Instead of listening to fear, you have the ability to consciously create a different world. In doing this, you are no longer a victim of the world, because you can manifest the world that you want to see. This is how you evolve.

Through consciousness and energy, human beings relate to each other. The spiritual world is manifested in physicality. Remember, spirit is really your consciousness, energy and thoughts. It is not a physical thing – rather, it is energy.

Science tells us that those thoughts that we have are shaping our physical world. We can change the world we live in by changing our thoughts with feeling and action to back it up.

Subconscious Programs

But first, you must change the program that exists in your subconscious mind, the program that was fed to you up until age seven. The first seven years of your life is simply programming, instilled into you by other people and not your own, individual program. These programs were formed by your parents, family and community. As a child, you exist in a hypnotic state for seven years. Your brain functions in this hypnotic state, creating an unconscious download of programs. Whatever was downloaded during that time was not filtered with your belief system because you didn’t yet have a belief system. Your belief system that was created during this time is actually someone else’s. Whatever you heard, saw or experienced during that first seven years of your life is a recording.

Your subconscious mind has been programmed to create more of what you experience. You are creating this reality without actually being conscious that you are doing it. It turns out, then, that it’s not the outside world that’s keeping you from succeeding – rather, it is the invisible, inner world with which you were programmed.

Maybe you desire to be successful, to have a great relationship, to obtain the best job. You go out into the world, and look around, and say to yourself, “I’m not getting any of these things!” You become frustrated, but you believe that you are not the cause of your frustration as your intention is to be successful. You feel that the world is the problem. But you are not a victim. It is not the world causing these blockages – it is your subconscious mind. You must, therefore, tap into your subconscious mind and change the program.

My mentor used to say, “There are no victims. There are only volunteers.” The world is not against you. You are not a victim. Instead, you were programmed to not succeed, and you are engaging that program repeatedly.

Through cultural and familial beliefs, we have lost our power to think for ourselves. We have blindly believed, based upon the same experiences and perceptions. But if perceptions, emotions and experiences are based in the past, then this propagation of the belief system is not new nor is it fresh. It does not support the truth that, in each moment, we have the power to choose and to create differently. We are powerful and creative beings.

When you think about what you want out of life, that’s your conscious mind working. If you are only using that mind five percent of the time, you’re living your life 95 percent of the time with the subconscious programs that you were fed from others. You are living other people’s lives invisibly, because the subconscious runs your show. You are creating the same behaviors, and you don’t even realize that you’re doing it. If your behaviors are not supporting what you consciously desire and want, you are sabotaging yourself without even knowing it. You must wake up and realize you’re doing it. When you become aware that 95 percent of your life is coming from the subconscious mind, and only five percent from the conscious mind, you will awaken. You may not like what you see, but you will be awake. When you’re awake, you can change it.

Wake Up and Fall in Love With Yourself!

My hope for you is that you will wake up and fall in love with yourself and with your life. Remember a time when you were head over heels in love with someone else, or a time when you were deeply immersed in something that you love doing? You felt healthy and wonderful and had tremendous energy to be active day and night. You created health, energy and a world that was so beautiful that you couldn’t wait for the next day to enjoy more of this experience. You felt like you were experiencing heaven on earth.

This was not an accident. You created the love experience, and in the process of creating that love experience, you created a healthy, energetic you and a beautiful world. How did you allow yourself to create this? By opening your heart.

So, the question now is, how do you achieve this once again and fall in love with the most important person in your life — yourself? When you fall in love with anything – whether it’s yourself, another person, your life, or something that you’re doing –you don’t automatically go into your subconscious program. Instead, you become, and remain, very conscious, because you’re so excited about what’s happening in the present. When you’re in that state of being in love, the conscious mind doesn’t want to go anywhere – it wants to remain present and take in that love. You will have a tendency to stay in the conscious mind when you are doing something you love. When the conscious mind is thinking, it’s not paying attention. This is when the subconscious programs run.

When you ask yourself, “Do I love myself?” the answer largely depends upon the type of childhood language you heard from your parents. If you can’t love yourself, how are you going to find someone to love you? During childhood development, many of us were criticized by our family to do better. Our subconscious minds were recording that criticism. Therefore, our belief of who we are became quite critical. You begin to tell yourself you’re not smart enough, you’re not lovable enough, you don’t deserve good things. This becomes your belief system, fed to you by your subconscious.

Don’t let your subconscious beliefs sabotage your life. You can change your mind and your programs and begin to love yourself.


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