In Part 1 of this two-part blog post, I began to discuss how you can manifest anything you wish into physical reality by using your imagination. We talked about the first step into maintaining a state of fulfillment and deepening your awareness – meditation. In today’s post, we will delve further into imagining a new reality for yourself.
The Second Step: Think and Act As If Your Goal Has Already Been Realized
Your second step is to think the thoughts that you would be thinking if your goal was already realized. This shift in your mindset creates a shift in the energy field around you, causing a
a different reality to unfold. For example, what would your desired self be feeling and thinking and how would you act if you had already realized your goal? Then act like that. Feel that way and think through that mindset. Live your day-to-day life in a way that your desired self would. Engage in the things that your desired reality has. Engage with the type of people who are in your desired reality. Do the things that you would be doing for enjoyment and pleasure in your desired reality. Feel what you want as if it is already done.

Play in your imagination, like a child

Don’t bitch about the fact that you’re playing, and that it isn’t real yet. That’s going to wreck your whole reality from manifesting. Take pleasure in thinking the thoughts of that desired reality as if you’re feasting upon them. Continually ask yourself:

“What it would feel like if I had already achieved my goals?
What would I be thinking?
What other goals would I have after I achieved those goals?”

Get Rid of Negative Thoughts and Attitudes

If you’re saying to yourself right now, “Oh, God, life sucks, but it’ll be great when I get there,” start over again. Life doesn’t suck. Life is great. Be grateful for what you have and for your imagination and the creation within it. Feel empowered. Match your thought processes to the version of you who has already achieved what they want. Realize that the world that you experience is an externalization of your internal reality. Keep checking yourself. The things that you think and imagine every single day are what you manifest. Attitude is everything. When you feel like you can’t change anything, change your attitude. The people and the situations that you see are a reflection of your mind, feeling and attitude. The moment you recognize that the people around you are not what you want to see, check in on yourself. Look at your attitude. What are you thinking? When you realize that you have a negative attitude, stop yourself in that moment and do and feel and think the opposite. The more you dwell in the thoughts of your desired reality and desired self, the more your physical circumstances will start to shift the reality that unfolds the vision that you once held in your imagination.

Maintain Conscious Awareness

You must be consciously aware until it is natural; feeling it as so. Conscious awareness is thinking thoughts of your desired reality. This is where you will really be tested.
Do you really want your desired reality?
Is the desire burning within you enough to drop your old negative habits and beliefs?
Does it burn badly enough within you to forgive yourself and everyone and everything for past resentments?
Are you willing to drop your negative habits of jealousy, hatred and negative thinking?

If you are truly willing to drop the old habits that were you, you will absolutely become the ruler of your reality. But if you’re going to stay stuck thinking about how somebody did you wrong and how you need them to pay or how you’re going to pay them back, that’s exactly the reality that you’re going to create. You won’t be creating love, but rather, you will be creating pain. And pain will be the gift that you receive. Forgive. Let go. If everything is just mind and energy, the reason that this hurt or resentment is still existing is because you are keeping it alive in your imagination. If you can use your imagination to create something good, you can also use your imagination to forgive, let go and heal. Gain control of your attention, and place it where you want it.

If you really want to realize your true internal power as the creator of your reality, you must practice. In order to speed the process up, try my free mp3 download for faster results.

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