Advanced Workshop One-on-One Package



This unique, individualized three-hour package gives you three full one-hour sessions each with Jocelyn, Karen and Dr. Mari. You will enjoy unparalleled, personalized attention from three facilitators who will help you to discover your true, authentic self.

Hour One- Jocelyn

During the first hour, you will have a full reading consultation with Jocelyn. She will work with you to discover how your thoughts, feelings and past experiences are shaping and creating your present reality and how they will continue to create the same unwanted results unless changes are made. She will discuss with you the changes you need to make in your mind, body, soul and spirit to create a new reality. As you realize your own “aha” moments, you will unearth the possibilities and choose. In so doing, you will be creating your new self, predicting your own most probable outcome based upon the changes you are making in your mind and heart. Jocelyn will show you the way, but you must call upon unshakeable faith and choose your own path. Once you set foot upon this path, you will know that you can have what you want.

Hour Two- Karen Reid

Your second hour of this exclusive workshop will be spent with Karen Reid in an energy healing session. Consulting Jocelyn’s notes from your first hour with her, Karen will instruct you to lie down in a quiet place, undisturbed. She will then begin to remove the energy blockages that are preventing you from living the life you are meant to live. Karen will realign your chakras, clear your energy field, and heal damaged relationship cords. Energy healing can help to free you of your old, obsolete belief systems that are limiting your potential. You may find that you leave this hour feeling lighter, fresh, relaxed and renewed.

Hour Three- Dr. Mari

Finally, during the third hour of this one-on-one advanced workshop, you will work with Dr. Mari as she guides you through the process of embracing your new energy and new self. She will empower you in preparing your mind, body and spirit to bring these changes that you have just made into the real world. Even after understanding what your future holds and what blocks you from manifesting this future, you may find yourself reacting in ways that you wish to free yourself from. You may experience a variety of feelings from anxiety to freedom after completing your reading and energy work. You will recognize the need for change and wish to connect more deeply to who you truly are. Dr. Mari will teach you how to live a complete mental wellness lifestyle through connecting your mind, body, and environment. Grounded in mindfulness and solution-focused practices combined with traditional psychodynamic practices, she brings the mental and energetic world into your real life. She assists you in bringing your authentic self to the surface.

This powerful, three-hour advanced workshop is designed to focus on you as an individual, and help you to achieve your pure, original self.



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Consultations are also available by text or WhatsApp: 415-525-6800

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