Jocelyn, Karen and Dr Mari dive deeply into our shadow self. The self that we don’t show to the world yet creeps into our lives silently reflecting our thoughts back to us. We are not even aware that we empower this self because it is buried deeply in our subconscious mind. In becoming aware, is Jocelyn explains, you can shift your perception to create a better life. The slightest and smallest of shifts are the key to changing your life. It’s the magic that we hold with in us.

Karen teaches that we often freeze our energy in a time of great difficulty from childhood. We continue to repeat the same patterns over and over again in an attempt to heal that child. She provides a simple technique to acknowledge the inner wounded child to heal that child.

Dr. Mari explains that we are stronger than what we believe and that once we face the childhood wounds and give ourselves the nurturing that we weren’t provided, We become more present in our lives. When we are aware of what causes of to react in the way that we do, we can heal through self empowerment!

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