Setting relationship boundaries are for YOU. Jocelyn and Dr. Mari talk about the misconceptions of what boundaries are and then how to clearly set them! Our partners are not mind readers. They cannot know what we want and need. We need to communicate clearly and in their language. Before we can set a boundary we need to know what we want and need. To know what you want and need, you need to know yourself. Once you know yourself, you can understand and know the other person because relationships are a mirror. In recognizing the mirror of relationship, we no longer demand from another what we already have. When we honor and respect ourselves we are naturally drawn to people who reflect the same standards. If we seek what we want and need from someone outside of ourselves to fill our empty void, we can ruin the relationship and interrupt the passion and intimacy because of our needs. In reality, All healthy relationships have boundaries and each person respects the boundaries of the other. Then we can learn the language of the other person. That is the magic of relationship. Knowing the other person is the magic key. Not who you want them to be, but who they truly are. In that knowing, you will always find your own reflection.

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